Campsite Information


The Dorset Leisure Centre at Charmouth stocks a full range of equipment and assessories

Only 1.5 miles from our site


Non-availability:  If for any reason beyond our control the Site is not available for the time booked, any moneys paid in advance will be repaid in full. There will be no other claim against the owner. 

Rubbish, waste water and chemical must be disposed of in the facilities provided.  Any extra rubbish must be disposed of by the camper.

Noise must be kept to a reasonable level at all times.  There should be no noise between 11pm and 7 am.

Generators are not permitted.   

If the site-owner feels that a camper’s behaviour, or the behaviour of the group, children, pets etc., is causing a nuisance, then the owner will instruct the camper to leave the site. The Hirer specifically agrees to this, and to vacate the site as instructed.

Pets are welcome, by arrangement.  They must be kept under control at all times.

Owner’s Liability:  The Owner will not be liable for any accident, injury, loss or damage sustained by any guest, their family, visitors, animals, vehicles or personal effects however caused. This specifically includes the use of facilities, such as the toilets and  showers etc.

Hirers’ Responsibility: The Hirer is responsible  for taking reasonable care of the site and all facilities.

The pitch must be left in the condition in which the Hirer found them and therefore, clean and tidy. 

The hirer agrees not to use the premises broadband for unlawful purposes.

Hirers’ on the Camping and Caravanning Certificated Site must also adhere to all club rules.

Complaints:  Any complaint must be made to the proprietor immediately.  We cannot entertain complaints after departure.

Numbers.  Under no circumstances may the number of persons exceed the number booked.

On the day of departure, the site must be vacated by 12.00 noon unless other arrangements have been made with the owner

Additional Terms and Conditions and Guidance due to Covid pandemic

  1.  Check in

Please phone us when you arrive.  Phone, text, WhatsApp or email.

At an agreed time, come to the farmhouse.

We have a booking form for you to complete. This will shortly be available on our website.

Payment (balance payment) is by
Cash put into a container
Card payment

Check out is now by 11.00am

2.   Social distancing
Pitches must be at six-metre spacing.
The maximum number of people on site has been reduced
Government social distancing guidance must be observed at all times

3. Facilities

We have 4 loos and 4 showers. These are ALLOCATED to a family (bubble group)

Visitors with their own facilities must use their own facilities. 

We have taken bookings so that there are only 4 families (bubble groups) using facilities.

It is strictly forbidden to use a facility not allocated to you.

We will clean allocated facilities at the end of your stay.  It is your responsibility to clean during your stay.

4. Hand sanitiser is provided at the entrances, and around the site

5. Children must be supervised to ensure compliance.

6. Visitors who fail to comply will be required to leave the site.

7. Should there be a requirement for a guest to self-isolate on the site, pitch fees would be payable for the extra period.

8. Non-availability:  If for any reason beyond our control the Site is not available for the time booked, any moneys paid in advance will be repaid in full. There will be no other claim against the owner.  This includes reasons due to Covid.

9. If any members of the visitors party live/work/stay/or are in an area put back in lockdown, by Government, due to Covid, then the group cannot come to Westover Farm.

10. Regarding Covid 19, visitors must adhere to current Government laws, policies and guidelines. This includes group sizes and bubble groups.

We regret having to operate with these extra requirements, but they are required by Government, and are also the personal responsibility of all of us.




Take extra care in strange  surroundings and facilities

Always have a torch available by night

There are lights on the corner of the Pig Pen and Farm House facilities that comes on at dusk.

Be aware and careful of wet floors.  Showers and toilet facilities in particular. Spilt drinks make floors slippery.

Be aware and careful of natural surfaces especially grass and soil if wet.

Be aware of steps

Take care as in your own home

The electrical equipment is checked regularly, please report any problems to the owners.
Electricity Hook-ups are professionally checked annually.

There is little traffic on the road outside, but some cars travel quite fast.  Take extra care, when walking, on the bends, especially with small children.

All the farm buildings and the farm storage areas below the farm are strictly prohibited areas for visitors. These areas are totally prohibited areas for children.


Any data collected during the course of this booking will be stored on our computer(s). We will not share your details with any third party.