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Access Statement for Barn and Cider Cottages

Barn & Cider Cottages, Westover Farm Cottages


These self catering cottages are a barn conversion which was completed in 2002. We have tried to provide as much information as possible in this statement, if you have any queries please do call. We look forward to welcoming you.


•We have a comprehensive website and we are also listed on various other websites and publications. Please phone for more details

•Bookings / enquiries are made via email or phone.

•The nearest bus stop for a regular service is at Charmouth which is approximately 1½ miles

•The nearest train station is at Axminster 5 miles away; there are taxis at the station

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

•Luggage can be unloaded at the front of the cottage

•There is parking within the cottage grounds

•Parking is 2 metres away from the front door

•The driveway is loose gravel and is not very easy for narrow wheeled wheelchairs

Main Entrance & Reception

•The entrance at the front has 1 step – 7 cm high. The door is 82cm wide.

•Inside the front entrance you enter directly into the living area

•The entrance at the rear of the cottage, from the garden is through double doors which are 1.2 m wide. There is a step of 12 cm

•There is free space (clear of doors and furniture), adjacent to the front or rear doors of 2 x 1 metres

All internal areas

•Décor is contrasting with light walls and darker wood doors

Games room
Double door access of 1.2m. Entrance step of 18 cm

•Games room provides Pool table and table tennis table

•A very good level of overall lighting

Sitting/Dining Room

•Table (moveable side to side)–

•Chairs (all moveable)

•Flooring is wooden dense short weave carpet and ceramic tiles

•Furniture is moveable and there are plenty of non feather cushions provided.

•Easy chairs have arms

•TV provided with remote control.  Also DVD player

•WiFi available


•In each Cottage kitchen, there is a washer dryer, which is front loading.

Outdoor Facilities

•Flat patio area with chairs provided

•Flat lawn

•Door and step details given above under rear door


Room combinations: Ground floor – twin room, First Floor – 1 double, 1 twin (Cider) or 1 triple (Barn)


•Non Feather duvets and pillows provided in each room.

•Sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases are poly-cotton

•Flatscreen TVs provided in the double bedroom

Ground floor:

•Door width 77cm

•Twin beds provided –3ft.

•Shower room ensuite in Barn and accessed from the living area in Cider

•Largest transfer space available to left of one bed is 1metres

•Bed heights 56cm floor to top of mattress.

•Beds are movable if more space is required

•Largest free space clear of doors and furniture is 1m x1m

First Floor:

•Reached via stair case. Steps are19cm high, 323 cm deep and 10.8m wide.

•Handrails are on the left of the stairs

•Short pile carpet from stairs and throughout first floor (not bathroom)

•All doors to the bedroom and bathroom on this floor are 78cm wide

Bathroom & WC

Downstairs toilet and shower room

• Door width 77cm wide.

•Large corner shower cubicle

•Rim height (step over) is 12cm

•Entrance to shower 45cm

•Free space in shower room (free of doors and furniture) is 0.9 x 0.7 metres

•Toilet seat height 44cm

•Space to right and left of toilet is limited

First Floor Bathroom and toilet

•Door width 77cm wide

•Bath with flexible shower. Integral bath rails available on both sides

•Available space free of door and furniture 0.8 x 1.0 metres

•Non slip ceramic tile flooring

•Good colour contrast between floor, walls and furniture

•Toilet seat height 44cm

•Space to the left of the toilet is 72cm, there is no available space to the right.

Self-Catering Kitchen

•Worktop height 93cm.

•Sink is 92cm high

•Hob is 92cm high (induction hob)

•Flooring is ceramic tiles

•At least 85cm free space between all furniture and worktops

•Evenly lit kitchen with spotlights above work surfaces where required

•Good contrast between floor, cupboards and other surfaces

Additional Information

• Information folder is produced in size 12 font (can be increased on request)

•Mobile phone reception can be patchy

•Good WiFi is available

Contacts Information

•Please see brochures, website or local contacts list on cottage notice-board

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously this information

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