Terms and Conditions for Cottages


Additional Terms and Conditions and Procedures due to the Covid pandemic


Our priority, at Westover Farm is to ensure the safety of guests, staff and operative personal safety, and the broader community including ourselves. Our aim is to avoid the spread of any known or unknown virus contamination.

The following are now part of our specific Terms and Conditions

  1. All people who stay at Westover Farm will do so with the understanding that there will be no physical contact with the host/owners, or guests in other cottages.
  2. We will operate our usual system for visitors obtaining keys.
  3. Any communication to the hosts/owners, if possible, should be via phone/email/WhatsApp. We are still available socially distanced at the farmhouse.
  4. The Games Room is not available for use.  Occupants of Barn Cottage have a key to access the extra refrigerator and deep-freezer.  Most of the space is roped off, and not available.
  5. DAY OF DEPARTURE. Visitors must vacate their cottage by 10 00 am at the very latest.

DAY OF ARRIVAL. Arrival time has been altered to 5.00 pm, to allow for the extra cleaning necessary

6. We provide consumables in the kitchen and bathrooms (not personal items).  During the Cottage clean, these will be sprayed with disinfectant and also there is the time period from 10.00am to 5.00pm.
Gloves (Marigold and disposable) are provided and should be used.Should there be a requirement for a guest to self-isolate in a cottage, rentals would be payable for the extra period.

7. For visitors due to arrive, if the cottage is unavailable, because of a self-isolation, or a Covid related reason, then our normal Non Availability clause applies.  (Reproduced below)
Non-availability:  If for any reason beyond our control the cottage is not available for the time booked, (e.g. fire damage), any moneys paid in advance will be repaid in full.  There will be no other claim against the owner. 

8. If any members of the visitors party live/work/stay/or are in an area put back in lockdown due to Covid, then the group cannot come to Westover Farm

9. Regarding Covid 19, visitors must adhere to current Government laws, policies and guidelines. This includes group sizes and bubble groups.

We regret having to operate with these extra requirements, but they are required by Government, by Quality in Tourism, and are also the personal responsibility of all of us.


Any data collected during the course of this booking will be stored on our computer(s). We will not share your details with any third party.