Risk Assessments Cottages

Risk Assessment for Westover Farm Cottages

Barn & Cider Cottages and the Games Room

Westover Farm, Wootton Fitzpaine, DT6 6NE

Assessors: Helen and Andrew Snook (owners)

Date of assessment: Updated October 2023

Potential hazard    Prevention
Slips, trips and fallsTake extra care in a new house, building, surroundings, including the games room. Familiarise yourself with the layout including outside and particularly any steps etc on arrival and in the light. Leave the landing light on by night (bulbs are low energy use). Torches are provided in each room and there are sensor lights in the landing and open plan areas in case the lights fail.
Outside the cottages: The lights in the cottage porches are sensor lights and come on automatically when detecting movement. There is a light on the corner of the games room that comes on at dusk. Switch on your own additional outside light if you know you will be back late. Torches are provided for guest use.
Take extra care if you spill liquids (eg drinks) and clean up as quickly as possible. Take care in the Games Room, remove shoes on entry  
Burns and ScaldsCare required while cooking, especially with fat/oil (no fryers are provided). Take all relevant precautions as you would in your own home (ie use the oven gloves provided when taking dishes in and out of the oven). The log burner casing gets quite hot – care with very small children.  A fire guard is available if needed. Do not allow the burner to burn too hot- slow all air intakes if this happen and wait for the fire to die down.

Guests are advised the properties are non-smoking, and candles/incense etc are not permitted. No candles are provided  
First Aid KitUNDER STAIR CUPBOARD.      A  small travel kit.
Fire    This is dealt with in our separate fire risk assessment document: fire risk assessment
ElectricityThe electrical equipment is checked regularly in accordance with requirements, please report any problems to the owners. Sockets are not, and should not be, overloaded. There are plenty of sockets throughout the properties . 
Furniture and equipmentFurniture and equipment is checked regularly for damage, malfunctioning etc, please report any problems to the owners if and as soon as you notice them.
Road TrafficThere is little traffic on the road outside, but some cars travel quite fast.  Take extra care, when walking, on the bends, especially with small children. Dogs should be kept on leads when out of the front of the properties. The back gardens are enclosed with gates and fences so risk of running out onto the road unwatched is minimised